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General FAQ's

We will help you build a stronger sales team to attract, serve and keep the ideal clients you want and need

We listen to you to help identify and prioritize your needs.  We discuss strategies you can take to improve sales.  Then we work with you to implement targeted assessments, training and coaching solutions to close the gap between your current results and the results you want.

The business was started by Ray Gullickson in 1985 and incorporated by Gullickson and David Thesing in 2004.

We develop relationships with best in class strategic partners who have services and products that complement our original content.

For most organizations and individuals our training and coaching solutions are delivered by our experienced certified trainers and coaches.  Larger custom enterprise level solutions include training and coaching your internal trainers, coaches and front-line managers.

We have done extensive amounts of training and coaching in the insurance and financial services industry. We have also worked with attorneys, mortgage bankers, chiropractors, and product wholesalers in the credit card and food services industries.

Validated assessments, online training, live workshops, sales coaching and key note talks.

FAQ's for Sales Professionals

Many of our clients have experienced immediate and sustained sales increases of 15% to 35% over control groups who did not receive the training and/or coaching.

Skill development is one of the most cost effective ways to improve results. Using proven learning systems we train:

- Ethical communication skills
- Leadership and management skills 
- Client development skills, systems and tools 
- Technical skills 
- Continuing education credits

FAQ's for Business Owners & Sales Executives

Many of our clients have experienced immediate and sustained sales increases of 15% to 35% over control groups who did not receive the training and/or coaching.

All of our training is field tested and taught by experienced individuals.

FAQ's for Performance Training

Validated assessments provide you another perspective to evaluate potential job candidates and the people inside your organization you are considering for promotions.

CAPS™ is an acronym for Communication Awareness & Persuasion Skills. It is a program developed by Bridgeway Learning Systems, Inc. (Bridgeway) to improve the communication skills of financial advisors and insurance professionals.

Most senior advisors have a significant investment of time and money in the development of your sales team.  Under performing team members or open associate advisor positions caused by turnover often hold you back from reaching your goals and they contribute to unnecessary stress or anxiety.

Sales and business success in a financial advisory firm requires ethical persuasion - the ability to influence another person to take actions in their best interest… that they otherwise would not have taken on their own.  This is a learned skill.

CAPS™ Skills training helps advisors learn and internalize specific one-on-one communication skills to:

  • Effectively listen and evaluate buyer attitudes,
  • Attract and keep the attention of more prospective buyers,
  • Reliably transition from one part of your advice process to the next,
  • Consistently ask the right kinds of questions at the right time to avoid stalled opportunities, and
  • Confidently close more sales by effectively confirming agreement at key points throughout your sales and advice process.

Advisors also learn to listen for and correctly identify specific buyer attitudes.  They discover how to powerfully use the CAPS™ Skills of Support, Proving and Probing questions to respond in a way that encourages more meaningful communication and reduce objections that can derail their sales efforts.