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What makes assessments the key to your hiring decision?

Assessments can be a vital competent in making better sales-force hiring and training decisions, making better sales management selection and development decisions and building more productive teams. They can also have the opposite effect when used for the wrong reason, incorrectly reading results or even selecting the wrong type of assessment for your circumstances. Here at Bridgeway we use our 25 years of knowledge and field experience to make sure that the right assessment is used for all your hiring, training or benchmark needs.

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The SalesMax online assessment helps you hire sales people who have the potential to be in your organization's top 50% based on compensation. It is also used ot benchmark your existing sales force developmental needs.

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The Proception2 behavioral assessment helps an individual discover their personal style. How they can adjust their style to build stronger relationships. Useful for team building and improving supervisor and employee relationships. 

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Sales Acumen Survey

The Sales Survey assessment helps you evaluate what your team knows about consultative selling. Seven different aspects of consultative selling are measured and the report shows the results for individuals and the entire team.

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