Closer Look at CAPS

Communication Awareness & Persuasion Skills-CAPS™ helps Advisors ethically guide conversations to attract, serve and keep more ideal clients.  Your advisors and their clients benefit because they will achieve more of the results they want.  You benefit because your organization will experience better retention and the improved productivity you expect. 


Live Workshop

The CAPS™ Workshop helps you develop and sharpen your ethical persuasions skills to improve your ratio of buyers - to interviews held. It increases the average revenue per sale. You get more repeat orders, referrals and introductions to new prospects. Earn more potential bonuses and commissions you deserve without adding to your workload. 

The CAPS™ model is proven to help advisors skillfully guide conversations because you learn how to consistently respond in a way that respects what the prospect is communicating instead of relying on rote memorization.  This makes CAPS™ Skills useful in every client conversation and in every personal conversation where the outcome is important.

Live CAPS™ Workshops are provided to classes of eight to ten in a 1 ½ day workshop format.   Implementation, coaching and skill reviews are included.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  This is a culture influencing experience that transforms attendees and for that reason we recommend all advisors in a particular region, or office, and their managers take part in the program.


Picture1The CAPS™ Overview shows the relationship between the one-on-one ethical persuasion skills advisors learn and sharpen in the CAPS™ workshop to guide productive conversations.

Receiving Messages

Many conversations begin when an advisor receives a message.  The large rectangle in the diagram represents the most important skill in the CAPS™ Learning System - the ability to Listen and Evaluate Attitudes.  The Diamonds in the Overview describe four “Attitudes” prospects express in conversations where they are contemplating important decisions.  Attendees learn to identify each of them correctly and adopt the appropriate communication skill to guide conversations to productive outcomes.

Sending Messages

The TRANSITION Skill is used to organize and plan an initial approach and move from one objective to the next.  Many persuasive conversations are initiated by an advisor or recruiter and most successful advisors and recruiters use proven ways to qualify prospects. They form effective Transitions based on observations, referrals, probing and previous conversation.

PROBING means using questions develop insights into each prospect’s unique expectations, situation, concerns, obstacles and opinions.  Attendees learn that how they relate to Prospect’s answers is just as important as the questions they ask.  They also learn how to overcome Indifference and Objections by using the Probing Skill.

CLOSING doesn’t just happen at end of a persuasive conversation when the advisor asks a prospect to buy. It also occurs whenever he or she attempts to Confirm Agreement with the prospect on the matter under discussion.  After “Closing”, he or she learns how to stay connected to the prospect as they guide the conversation to the next objective using a new Transition.

Responding to Messages

SUPPORTING means using agreement to reinforce Acceptance of your solutions.  Attendees learn when and how to adopt this powerful communication skill.   They learn to offer Support when a prospect accepts a Transition and when they respond favorably to Probing questions.     

PROVING  skill is used when a prospect expresses Doubt that your product provides a benefit. Advisors must know how to assure him or her that the claims about the product are justifiable. Often, failure to provide acceptable proof prevents further progress in the conversation.  Neither the advisor nor the prospect achieves the results they want.  Attendees learn how to overcome Doubt using acceptable proof sources.


Attendees are not asked to memorize any scripts. Instead, they learn the three parts of each of Skill to communicate with clarity. This means they can immediately use CAPS™ with their familiar selling systems and tools.  Everyone benefits because you can leverage all of the time and money invested in product, compliance, and computer systems training to get better results now and in the future.


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