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Business Owners, Sales Executives and Sales Representatives look to us when they are:

  -   Striving to increase sales
  -   Frustrated by lost sales and profits because of under-preforming sales groups
  -   Under pressure to successfully launch the sales of a new product
  -   Tired of make hiring mistakes
  -   Committed to getting new sales representative's careers off to a fast start 
  -   Fed up with incremental sales growth
  -   Facing the treat of proper compliance with new Department Labor fiduciary requirements



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Take Your Skills to a New Level

Our predictive assessments and trademarked communication skills training and coaching are proven to increase the average revenue per sale and ratio of buyers - to interviews held.  Experience more repeat orders, referrals and introductions to new prospects. Earn the increased compensation you deserve without adding to your workload.

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Validated Assessments

Assessments can be a vital component in making better training and hiring decisions. You can stop second guessing yourself by using quality assessments as a first step to increasing individual and team productivity and profits.

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Ethical Persuasion Skills

Sales success depends on ethical persuasion - the ability to influence another person to take actions in their best interest... that they otherwise would not have taken on their own.  This is a learned skill.  

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How to Attract More New Clients using Ethical Persuasion

"Why are you Listening?"

Listening is tougher than ever in our crazy busy world. Most sales teams and buyers are operating with less support, greater expectations and more demands on their time. With seemingly less time to listen this skill is more important than ever.

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