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Platform Presentation build awareness, motivate and educate.

Our top presentations are designed for conventions, leader trips or conferences. Presenter David Thesing's insights into why people buy help sales teams attract more prospects, develop larger sales in less time and keep their ideal clients longer.  Dave provides the fuel and formulas for sales teams to break-through to better sales results.


How to Attract More New Clients using Ethical Persuasion

Why are you Listening?

Listening is tougher than ever in our crazy world. Most sales pros and buyers are operating with less support, greater expectations and more demands on their time. With seemingly less time to listen this skill is more important than ever.

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Client Testimonial

"Thank you very much for being our guest speaker at our sales retreat. Your presentation on "Why Are You Listening?" hit the mark with the group.

The information you presented and your knowledge on the subject was very well received. I also appreciate the time you took to meet with me in preparation for your presentation."  

- Valued Client

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How to Attract More New Clients using Ethical Persuasion

Ethical Persuasion occurs whenever one individual or group influences another to take appropriate action, that they otherwise would not have taken on their own, so they achieve an outcome they want. In this keynote your team learns the five steps in the buyers process, five obstacles that prevent prospects from saying "yes", and the four levels of one-on-one conversation and how each affect the ability to influence.

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You have a new Product to sell, so what?

Attracting the interest of enough new prospects and converting them to clients is touch but essential job especially during a new product or service launch.

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