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CAPS™ is designed to help you develop and sharpen your ethical persuasions skills to improve your ratio of buyers - to interviews held. It increases the average revenue per sale. Get more repeat orders and referrals or introductions to new prospects. Earn more potential fees, bonuses or commissions you deserve without adding to your workload. 

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1) Once you registered you will be sent our "Welcome Letter" that outlines what to expect and where you will go to access our lessons.

2) Our weekly structure is set up as so: (The dates and times are set to your specific class)

9 week CAPS Outline


3) You have one week to complete each module that includes a short reading assignment, "Do it Exercises," Skill Practice with interactive video and development of your implementation playbook. At the conclusion of each week you will log into a group coaching call, facilitated by David Thesing, with others in your session to discuss, apply and reinforce what you learned.

4) Once you have completed the 9 week program the 21-day turnkey implementation system begins and you will have access to our online skill review program, this gets advisors using the skills immediately. CAPS™ Coaching system and tools helps attendees form the habit of listening and correctly evaluating attitudes and using the Skills correctly and in a timely manner.

5) You will be invoiced for half of the course. Half is to be paid at the beginning and the other half to be paid upon completion.

See below for our frequently asked questions:

Representatives learn to:

- Attract more prospects
- Qualify prospects more efficiently
- Better understand prospect expectations, needs and motivations
- Experience fewer stalls and objections
- Close more sales

Improved effectiveness:

- With all types of prospects,
- At every step of client development,
- At every step of the prospect’s buying process, and
- With all the solutions sold

More career satisfaction:

- Experience less frustration and more fun,
- Less rejection and more fulfillment,
- Increased income without increasing workloads

Better return on your investment

- Increased sales and profits without adding to fixed overhead
- Reduce the time to launch new sales representatives
- Reduce turnover costs by improving your sales representative retention rate

CAPS™ Skills training helps your sales representatives learn and internalize specific one-on-one communication skills to:

  • Effectively listen and evaluate buyer attitudes,
  • Grab the attention of more prospective buyers,
  • Reliably transition from one part of your sales process to the next,
  • Consistently ask the right kinds of questions at the right time to avoid stalls, and
  • Confidently close more sales by confirming agreement at key points throughout your sales process.

Representatives also learn to listen for and correctly identify specific buyer attitudes.  They discover how to powerfully use the CAPS™ Skills of Support, Proving and Probing questions to respond in a way that encourages more meaningful communication and fewer objections that can stall or derail their sales efforts.

The course includes convenient online access to learning materials and tools, clear directions for how to use them and a series of facilitated coaching calls to help your sales representatives apply the skills in all their important sales conversations.

Learning Modules
- Orientation
- Foundation
- Probing
- Closing
- Supporting
- Transitions
- Proving
- Overcoming Objections
- What If Skills Assessment

Each module includes an Educational Reading Assignment, "Think About It" activities, Realistic Role-plays and "Do It" exercises, designed for the representative to apply what they are learning to their "real world" of sales. 

Representatives also benefit from “hands on” skill-building practice and feedback during a series of Facilitator led Coaching Calls. These provide a supportive group environment in which they have the opportunity to practice and reinforce what they have learned.

$1,295 per individual for open courses.   

You have the option to purchase an annual license so you can train CAPS™ to as many representatives as you want each year.   With this option you can have an internal leader facilitate the weekly coaching calls or you can outsource them to us.  Contact us to discuss the details of this economical and flexible option.   

Yes.  We currently require a minimum of 4 participants to tailor the training intervals to your schedule.

Online Handbook:
 contains introductions to CAPS™ Ethical Persuasion Skills and several units of programmed instruction. Attendees are directed to read short segments and complete the programmed instructions at various intervals throughout the program.  Attendees benefit because an explanation of the Skill Models enables them to measure their understanding of how they work, before engaging in the interactive Video assignments.

Both include online and in classroom settings:

  - Implementation Handbook:

  - Interactive Video:

  - Weekly Coaching Calls:

You will receive an email from David or Eleacia Thesing (Check your Spam) will all the instructions of what to expect.

1) You will receive your "Welcome Letter" which gives you all the information about logging into the system. 
2) A date will be set for a Technology Check and Introduction Session. After which, the weeks will begin.
3) You will be invoiced for half the course, final payment due upon completion of course.