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Stop making poor hiring decisions.

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Poor hiring decisions suck money from your bottom line and steal time from front-line sales managers that they will never recover.

Poor sales people use administrative and training resources you could have invested in a good hire and they can even cost the "good will" your organization has build with your clients or customers.

A bad hire is very costly, but there are steps to take to avoid these hiring mistakes! According to the Harvard Business Review, using an integrated assessment approach that includes the right technique improves your odds of making good hiring decisions.


Hire Top Sales Talent

Dave talks about the importance of hiring the right person and offers specific tools you can implement into your hiring process and build a staff that is motivated, hard working and loyal. 

Try our SalesMax assessment for FREE today with your next new hire! This assessment helps:

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You hire THE RIGHT sales people 

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Those who have POTENTIAL

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And BENCHMARK your existing sales force developmental needs