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Helps Identify Individual Business Behavior.

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Proception2 is an online DISC based profiling system designed to provide insight into an individual’s behavioral style in a work environment. This system will help management better understand potential candidates, members of their work team, and assist work team members in identifying their personal strengths and areas in need of improvement. The Proception2 questionnaire takes approximately 15-20 minutes to complete and generate.


Use the power of Proception2 for a better understanding of your personal style to improve interpersonal communication and forge stronger relationships with others.

Proception2 measures key dimensions of behavior in a Business Environment that include: 
  -  Notable Primary Behaviors

  -  Potential Strengths in Business
  -  Preferred Work Environment
  -  Personal Growth Suggestions
  -  Communication Builders
  -  Personal Performance Motivators
  -  Communication Barriers
  -  Personal Enhancement
  -  Adjustment to the Work Environment
  -  Strengths to the Team

The Business Motivators report is often used with Proception2.

Style Insight MapStyle insight map allows managers, supervisors, coaches, trainers and team members to visually see how the various styles will work, relate and communicate with one another. It can set the stage for improved communication, work relationships and productivity. Identify Individual Business Behavior for:
  -   Management Development
  -  Team Building
  -  Sales Development
  -  Training
  -  Improved Communication
  -  Conflict Resolution
  -  Coaching
  -  Relationship Development
  -  Interviewing

Customize your reports using our Report Builder

This allows organizations to change the order sections appear and to turn pages in the report on/off allowing the report to adapt to you and not you to the report. Options include, Interview Assistant, Sales Interview, Business Motivators and Individual, Manager, Salesperson reports.


Client Testimonal:

Quotes GreyI want to tell you about the awesome experience that I had with Proception2. From the moment that I received the 'sign-on' information to receiving the results, it was one of the easiest things that I've done. Not only was the process easy, but the results were so, so very accurate. I was surprised at how accurate they were. I have taken tests like this in the past and none of them have been nearly this accurate let alone dead on.

From the primary behaviors, to work environments, to my strengths and weaknesses and so on... all of it was so exact. The results are very easy to read and understand. Not only do they give you the general breakdown, but then they go more in depth on each topic. What a great way to make the working environment an enjoyable experience for all.   - Naomi BuieEnd Quote Grey


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