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SalesMax is a comprehensive online assessment tool designed to assist in selecting, on-boarding and developing individuals for professional sales positions. Losing confidence in your hiring strategies? Weed out applicants with little or no sales potential and find those with natural sales abilities. SalesMax measures personality traits, motivations and sales knowledge that contribute to effectiveness in the sales role.
  -  Personality Traits: Evaluate their natural fit with the sales role
  -  Sales Skills: Know their knowledge gaps
  -  Motivations: Understand what will motivate them


Are poor performers ruining your bottom line? Start exceeding your sales goals and improving your sales force today. Measure your current sales professionals’ strengths and areas for improvement, and focus development on what will make the most impact for your team.

  -  Based on a consultative sales approach
  -  Validated to select top performers
  -  Easy to use in the field

Hire Top Sales Talent

SalesMax Selection ReportSalesMax Selection Reports help you identify and hire applicants with greater sales potential and provide a probability score of the candidate’s success. Each selection report provides:
  -  Scores on knowledge of effective sales strategies
  -  Indications of what motivates them
  -  Interview probes to pursue areas of weakness
  -  Management suggestions to gain insight if hired
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Develop Existing Sales People

Developmental ReportSalesmax Development reports, evaluate current salespeople & target their needs, give individual feedback on how specific personality factors help or hinder job effectiveness, provide specific recommendations & resources on how to close gaps including tips on building strengths and addressing weaknesses! Download Example Report