Developing Excellence - Why Are You Listening?

Experience has proven that most fiduciary or suitability complaints and E&O claims are the result of miscommunication. What was said by one person was not the same thing heard and understood by the other person.

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In this session your sales team will walk away with listening techniques which can be used to improve relationships with clients, co-workers and even family members.

They will:

  -  Discover how listening influences results and what to listen for at each level of conversation
  -  Learn how SCOPE Listening™ helps them better understand and ethically persuade others
  -  Walk away with specific steps to become better listeners



Tired of Sales Seminars that offer no outcome? Why are you Listening is more than a big room talk, it's an interactive, facilitated discussion in a large group setting which encourages your sales team to analyze their habits and current selling techniques.

Listening Survey Brochure Cut OutListening Survey

Bench marking your teams current Listening Skills is key to see the areas they need work in and others they excel in. We do this by asking your team to compete a simple assessment survey that gives them immediate feedback on there current Listening Skills. Once your team knows their strengthens and weaknesses it can give them exact personal take-a-ways as well specific points to pay attention to as Dave presents.




Interactive Small Group DiscussionTable Talk

We understand the key to keeping a large group focused is incorporating small group discussions. We do this through "Table Talk's" where Dave will have your team discuss actual sales scenarios, develop probing questions and learn from others experiences during sales meetings and appointment.






 Clients Testimonial:

Quotes GreyVery good presentation! It allowed me to look at my where my strengthens & weaknesses are in my listening skills.End Quote Grey